Mental Fitness 

Building your Mental Fitness m​uscles 

will help to expand your positive mindset. 

What is Mental Fitness?

When we exercise our physical body, we strengthen our muscles and can lift more weight...

As we strengthen our Mental Fitness muscles, we are better prepared to take on the 'weight' of life's challenges.

Partnering together on this journey with me as your coach, you'll gain self-awareness & tools to move forward in your personal & professional life. You'll be able to identify & remove 'blocks' that are in your way - and get yourself into actionAs you create additional choices for yourself, your decision making will happen from your positive mindset - with more clarity, direction and purpose.

Just imagine yourself....

remaining calm, clear-headed and laser-focused

in the midst of handling work & life's biggest challenges! 

Ready to hear more?

Repetition & practice 

builds 'muscle'

What is Mental Fitness?

Your capacity to respond to life’s challenges with a positive mindset rather than a negative mindset
  • Making decisions & taking action from the positive perspective of your 'Sage' brain - using your creativity, exploration, empathy, and purpose


  • Taking steps that result from the negative emotions of your 'survivor' brain or your 'Saboteurs' - from fear, regret, panic, guilt or shame, etc....

What is the Impact of Mental Fitness?

Peace of Mind / Wellness

> Work / Life balance

> Overall Health & Diet

> Stress & Conflict Management

Peak Performance

> Sports & Physical Fitness

> Performance Management

> Executive & Business Leadership

Healthy Relationships

> Family / Friends

> Significant other/ Spouse

> Professional & Industry Relationships

How Do You Build Your Mental Fitness?

My coaching methodology is based on the Positive Intelligence® work of Shirzad Chamine. 

Working with me as your coach, you will boost your mental fitness through an intensive 8-week 'boot camp'.

Here's a few excerpts from what my clients are telling me!

“The program overall was incredibly helpful. 

...feel more mentally resilient at a point in my life where I need these approaches more than ever.

...taking away a lot of tools to help better deal with and manage adversity, conflict and challenges in my life. 

...better understanding of myself and why certain people and situations are difficult for me, 

as well as how to handle myself in those challenges.

I've reflected a lot on my desire to please others in particular, and how that is often emotionally damaging for me

...think more clearly about what I want and what is important for my own values and goals

and to better make decisions that align with those.”

"This mental fitness program changed my life...

Never did I think it would have such a profound impact on my own emotional well-being.

...provides a roadmap and practical application to managing negative thoughts and self-sabotaging patterns 

all based on research... coaching sessions were extremely effective at taking concepts 

and applying to specific situations in my life.

Do yourself (and those around you) a favor and take this program with Liz!"

"I highly recommend Liz as your Mental Fitness coach if you are seeking 

lasting methods for maintaining and elevating your positive mindset

I met ​my goal of learning new methods for approaching challenging times.

I look forward to Liz leading Mental Fitness at my company."

The mental fitness program has already changed my life in a very positive way.

It’s opened my eyes to the concepts of the Saboteurs and the Sage and how the Saboteurs have been lying to me and undermining me - & my peace and happiness - for most of my life.

I recommend this program to others –

it provides an operating system for continual self-development and maintenance. Having these tools gives me comfort that I always have them available to me when challenging situations arise. We all have Saboteurs of some type whose mission is to undermine our happiness. The Mental Fitness program has given me belief that I can win the battle with my Saboteurs and believe in myself as I have not been able to do before.

This mental fitness program is amazing and Liz is a true professional."

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Program Highlights:

  • Weekly individual and/or small group interactive coaching sessions to deepen learning and create actions to build your mental fitness muscles
  • Two on-line Assessment tools
  • Weekly 1-hour videos by Shirzad Chamine, New York Times bestselling author, lecturer, founder and CEO of Positive Intelligence® 
  • Access to easy-to-use 'smart’ phone App technology
  • Daily 15-minutes/day of guided Coach Challenges and practice done on your mobile App
  • Exploring portions of the 'Positive Intelligence' book (pdf & audio content provided as part of enrollment)
  • Continued access to the App and course content for a year to reinforce learning!

Options to participate in the Mental Fitness program:

  • Individual Coaching
    • One-on-one coaching with me incorporating all parts of the program described above
      • We can begin whenever you're ready!
  • Small Group Accountability 'Pod'  
    • Join a group of 2-4 others interested in developing their mental fitness 
    • Bring your very own group into the program to experience this life-changing work together!
      • Your friends, family and/or colleagues
      • Your 'private group' can be just 2 of you as accountability partners! Max of 5 in your Pod

I'm interested to learn more  

Group is limited to 5 seats.

Click button above to indicate your interest in the Pod and we'll discuss in more detail! 

Positive Intelligence®    Builds upon and combines the research and practices of 4 key behavioral sciences: